Bike Path to Morrow, Ohio


I bought a  Trek 2.1 Road Bike for fun. With high gas prices, everyone can afford to ride a bike.

After taking my first trip, I was hooked.

These bike paths are all mine!! I’ll start with the Little Miami Scenic Trail  which extends for 76 miles and is a build on an old railroad right-of-way. Some say there are ghosts that still ride these rails.

First stop Morrow.

The 10 mile round trip journey from Morgans Livery in Ft. Ancient to Morrow, Ohio was really easy, even for an old guy like me. In fact, actually I went 12 miles total, but the round trip to Morrow, where you can get an ice cream, is 10 miles round trip. I noticed one ice cream shop was out of business, but the other one was opening up for business.

Here are some photos of the bike path and Morrow, Ohio.

I will be riding and reviewing the entire 76 Miles of my Miami Valley Bike Path along with the Lebanon bike path to the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

Bike Path Map Courtesy of Clark, Green, Warren & Clermont Convention and Visitors Bureau.



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2 responses to “Bike Path to Morrow, Ohio

  1. dearmansoor

    really good use of taxpayer’s money

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