Lebanon to Little Miami Bike Path

Little Miami River Bike Bridge

This photo is of the bridge over the Little Miami River looking north back toward Lebanon.

The 8.2 Mile bike path starts in downtown Lebanon near the train station where the train parks. When I was there today, there were people waiting to ride the train.

The bike path runs East for about half of a mile and then turns South for 2 miles on Deerfield Road.



The path continues through the City of Lebanon to north of the Countryside YMCA.




The trail passes over Turtle Creek in the park on this new bridge.
Turtle Creek Valley was named for the famous Indian chief “Little Turtle”.


The trail continues South to Kings View Road/Fujitec drive along a light industrial park.  Now the bike path tuns south-west down a big hill, the along side of Kingsview Drive. (Tough climb coming back). 
The path turns sharp to a south eastern direction onto the old “Middletown Junction” rail road track bed under I-75.
It crosses the Little Miami Scenic River to connect with the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

End of the Bike Path at Little Miami
This is the end of the Lebanon connector to the Little Miami Scenic Bike Path.




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6 responses to “Lebanon to Little Miami Bike Path

  1. wb416

    Congrats on your new riding adventure! We are starting down a similar path… err… trail!! LOL

    The interstate that the Lebanon trail passes under to get to the Little Miami Scenic Trail is actually I-71. (We often park and ride from the parking lot of the business next to that sharp left (southerly) turn you reference.

    Hope to see ya on the trail!

  2. Thanks wb416, I visited your site too. Looks like a nice place to get new bike path ideas.

  3. Metomix

    That’s a really nice path. Here’s some photos of this bike trail in the St. Louis area. Enjoy!!

  4. Fort Wayne Indiana’s Rivergreenway Bike Path stretches to almost 20 miles. Most people in the city never see it because they never go there. You can find nice photos of this bike path showcasing the trail, as well as river scenery, the old fort, and a world class skatepark on this site:


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