Bike Path Storm Damage

South Leban to Morrow to Loveland

Originally uploaded by John Beagle

Storm Damage has trees blocking the road on todays morning 36 mile bike trip from South Lebanon to Morrow then back south to Loveland.


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3 responses to “Bike Path Storm Damage

  1. timjc

    How did you mount the camera to your bike? I have tried rigging my camera up but after a 20 miles it ends up moving and the handlebars seems to block the shots. I want to take time lapse shots of my rides on the LMR trail, I live in South Lebanon, at different times of the year to show the the transition in the seasons.

    I like the idea of your blog since I too frequently spend time on the path, in the warmer months.

  2. I will do a blog post this spring on my camera mount. But essentially I took a piece of soft metal and bent it around with my bench vice and a hammer. Then I drilled a hole to put a long 1/4″ bolt. It along with 3 nuts allows me to tighten the clamp and mount the camera with the same bolt.

    More on this later. Happy biking. Send me you photos and I will publish them here.

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