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My Review of Trek 2.1Road Bike

Trenton to Middletown Bike Path 005

35 YR Upgrade from 1974 Schwin Continential

By John Beagle from Cincinnati on 8/14/2008

Note: I had to use a flickr photo of my bike because the bike that Trek allowed me to review and blog, has been replaced with a new model too ugly to display. Glad I got last years model.

5out of 5

Pros: Great Components, Good Geometry, Absorbs Shock Well, Lightweight, Handles Well, Comfortable


Describe Yourself: Weekend Warrior

35 years ago, I bought my first ‘road bike’ a Schwinn Continental. It was called a lightweight, but compared to my 2.1 it weighed a ton. I used this same bike for 35 years. I’m 51 today.

This new bike is so much fun, that I have added regular biking to my weekly exercise routine.

The first time I took the bike out, I knocked out 20 miles so fast, I felt I needed a longer ride. Now I generally ride 30 to 35 miles which takes me about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Almost no one passes me. With average speed at 16.3 MPH and burst speed up to 25 MPH, my bike stays up with even the ‘hot rod’ bikers I see out in colorful clothed groups.

The 2.1 is the best choice if you want to ride paved bike paths and save a little money.



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