WWII Fire Tower along Rt 1 Bike Path

Bethany Beach to Dewey Bike Path 050

In the State of Delaware from Bethany Beach to Dewey Beach on Costal Highway 1, there is a 10 Mile bike path on the berm.

Bethany Beach to Dewey Bike Path 052

I generally don’t like to share my bike path with cars, but in this case it wasn’t so bad since the lanes were one way on either side of the highway. Plus riding your bike along the coast of the Atlanic Ocean in the middle of summer isn’t so bad.

As a bonus, there was WWII fire control tower number #3 along the way.
Bethany Beach to Dewey Bike Path Tower

A Fire control tower is a military structure used along the American coast during World War II as an observation post to detect enemy vessels offshore and direct the fire from nearby coastal batteries.

Bethany Beach to Dewey Bike Path Save the Tower

There is a significant effort to restore the Fire Control Tower. Once Tower 3 is restored, plans include having it open to the general public in addition to offering interpretive tours of this historic landmark. For more information visit: http://www.savethetower.org

Continuing on north from Bethany, I have to warn you that  there is a narrow lane when crossing the bridge.

Bethany Beach to Dewey Bike Path 087

This is a poor solution for bikers. I got over and back with only 2 near hits.

Overall, it was a nice 20 mile round trip journey. Bring your bike to the beach, you never know what you might find.

Bethany Beach Condo

See Bethany Beach Bike Path to Dewey Beach, DE Flickr Set for all photos along this bike path.



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4 responses to “WWII Fire Tower along Rt 1 Bike Path

  1. Good photos. You must have a camera in your car all the time.

  2. I attach a camera to the handlebars of my bike. I’m getting so old that I need to photos to remember. Hence my bike blog. lol

  3. Looks like a nice bike path. Any place I can get on a bike and see interesting bits of history, such as a fire control tower for old costal artillery, is for sure a bonus.

  4. The last time I got off the Harley and threw a leg over my Trek FX, I road the Great River State Trail in Wisconsin. Great trail, excellent views. You definitely need to try this trail. I highly recommend it.

    Here is some info Great River State Trail

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