Yellow Springs to Springfield Bike Path

This is my final leg of the 72 Mile Little Miami Bike Path in SW Ohio. I have rode every section and blogged about much of it.  The bike path runs from Buck Creek State Park near Springfield to Anderson Township (east of Cincinnati).

Since I hadnt been to Springfield yet, Im going right.

Since I hadn't been to Springfield yet, I'm going right.

The bike path has its roots in 1846 with “The Little Miami Railroad Company” which connected Cincinnati with Sandusky. In 1986 the Little Miami Bike Path was fully funded. The ‘Spirit of the Little Miami Railroad’ was resurrected in October 1991 with an official opening of one of the most important and historic connections, Xenia to Yellow Springs. (Source: Little Miami Scenic Trail).

Today’s leg is 14 miles round trip from Yellow Springs to I-70. At no point does the bike path on this leg come close to the Little Miami River. This is one of 2 legs that don’t travel alongside of the Little Miami. The other is Spring Valley to Xenia. The path generally follows the Little Miami River.

The Bike Path was in very good condition around Yellow Springs

The Bike Path was in very good condition around Yellow Springs

It was a beautiful Sunday morning around 9 am when I started on a trip that had the bike path in excellent condition. It was a real pleasure to ride this section of the Little Miami Bike Path.

Yellow Springs to Springfield, Morrow to Lebanon 154

The dog owners were very cooperative this morning. Keeping their pets on leashes and away from the bikes. I like to ride in the AM because there are fewer people using the bike path.

Beautiful bike path views for the entire ride!

Beautiful bike path views for the entire ride!

The only disappointment was the ending of this great adventure. Where does the path officially end? Shouldn’t there be some sort of marker? I passed a map station about a half mile ago, was that it?

Map Stop near Springfield

Map Stop near Springfield

Not much to look at. Bet I’m near the end.

This is the real end of the Bike Path in Springfield

This is the real end of the Bike Path in Springfield

I followed the sign to the corner of Leffel Ln and S Yellow Springs Street and ended up in the middle of a large intersection.

This is the End?

This is the End?

To sum up my 14 mile bike adventure from Yellow Springs to Springfield and back to Yellow Springs, I’d have to say the condition of the bike path made for a real enjoyable ride. But the ending was like a mystery.

Where is the real end of the Little Miami Valley Bike Path? Perhaps its not right to call this the end or the begining. This might just be another piece of a very large and wonderful bike path, if indeed it gets extended to Sandusky, just like the original railroad.



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3 responses to “Yellow Springs to Springfield Bike Path

  1. I am a resident of Springfield and thought I could shed some light on the subject. At the intersection that you described (S. Yellow Springs St. & Leffel Ln.) you have 2 options. You could have continued north and the path maintains it’s own lane of the street for a few miles of road riding, or turned right and headed east on Leffel Ln. a 1/2 mile give or take and found a path on your left both converging at the railroad tracks at S. Center St. & W. Jefferson St. It continues from there eventually splitting again with one leg heading north towards, and the other leg ending at C.J.Brown Reservoir. As for north of Springfield I am not sure how far it continues, but I hope to find out soon enough.

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  3. wb416

    It’s seems most people don’t want to ride through Springfield, for various reasons. I’ve ridden down Leffel Lane to get to the Hotels, where I’ve stayed quite a bit over the past two years.

    There is a beautifully restored building (Heritage Center?) downtown Springfield next to the Courtyard Hotel, that the bike path runs by. However, I’ve heard some complain about the glass and debris littered on some of the bike paths and shared road getting to downtown, so I’ve never cycled it. Also, some aren’t crazy about the neighborhoods they’d have to ride through.

    It seems that most locals either start at Betty Station (your “map stop” pic) and ride south, or they go on the north side of Springfield and ride the Simon Kenton trail to Urbana.

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