Xenia Bike Station

Xenia Station
I started many bike trips here at Xenia Station. Xenia Station, located at 150 Miami Avenue in Xenia, Ohio, in the United States, is a replica of Xenia’s 1880s brick railroad station.

Xenia Station is the hub for 5 regional rail trails. I plan to ride the length of all the bike paths, I have linked up my stories so far.  Two of the bike paths are incomplete segments of the Ohio to Erie Trail, which will ultimately run from Cincinnati to Cleveland.

North: The northern branch of the Little Miami Scenic Trail runs from Xenia to Yellow Springs and on to Springfield.

Northeast: The Prairie Grass Trail (a part of the Ohio to Erie Trail) runs from Xenia to Cedarville and to London and beyond.

East: The Xenia-Jamestown Connector will run from Xenia to Jamestown and beyond, but there is now a short gap from Xenia Station to Jasper Road.

South: The southern branch of the Little Miami Scenic Trail is a part of the Ohio to Erie Trail and runs from Xenia to Morrow, South LebanonLoveland, Milford and beyond.

West: The Creekside Trail, known as the Creekside Recreation Trail in Montgomery County, runs from Xenia to Dayton.


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  1. tony massie

    Is the paths Skateboard friendly? We have a greenline here in Memphis and the longboarders can use the path. Just wondering if other cities allow skateboards(longbaords) on their paths.
    Tony Massie

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