Skagway, Alaska Bike Trip

Our trip started with a two hour train ride on the White Pass – Yukon Route into the Yukon Territory in Canada. We boarded in Skagway and traveled north to a summit elevation of 2865 feet at the White Pass summit. There was a train guide who filled us in on the history, life and death surrounding the railroad and trails in the area.

On to Alaska with Buchannan - US Canada Border Checkpoint - We biked through this checkpoint. This shot is from the train on the way to the summit.

Near Frazier Station we passed the immigration checkpoint, with ‘On to Alaska With Buchanan’ painted on the rocks below.  George E. Buchanan, a Detroit coal merchant, began bringing boys and girls to Alaska on adventure trips in 1923. Many years later members of the various Buchanan Boys groups returned to Skagway to ride the WP&YR and to revisit the memories of their special and happy trips. Reportedly the boys from one of the summer trips painted the sign “On To Alaska With Buchanan” on the side of the mountain to commemorate their inspiring leader, George Buchanan.

Upon arriving at Frazier Station, we took a 15 minute shuttle van to the summit of White Pass which is 3294 feet.

White Pass Summit Elevation 3292

There we were instructed by our tour guide Stephanie, on how to use hand-brakes and other safety precautions. Then we started down the mountain on our 15 mile bike trip.

Too bad we never went faster than 30 miles per hour, mostly under 20. There were some steep areas where you could easily do 50 mp. We stopped 4 times during our descent one time at a waterfall, where we filled up our waterbottles with clear clean water.

The views were breathtaking and the ride was the easiest 15 miles I ever biked. All and all it was fun but a bit pricey. We paid $195 per person for the train and bike ride. For more information visit Skagway Bicycle Tours.

Music by Perspective XIV – Album: Shadow of Doubt


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