Bike “Hunting-Season” Safety Tip

Orange Headgear Good Idea During Hunting Season

Nerd Alert: You could buy a helmet cover like the one above here.

I wasn’t sure how to title this post, because the title I wanted to use was:

“How to Keep Your Head from Being Blown Off During Hunting Season”

but it was too long.

Gir Xar Orange Helmet

If you ride during hunting season, you want to wear orange to avoid being mistaken for a deer.

Especially if you ride off road. You can’t buy this New Giro XAR Orange Helmet until Feb 2011. and it will cost about $130. You might have to go with a helmet cover like the one above.

Orange Long Sleve Cycle Jersey

Next consider an orange jersey for cycling like this Capoforma from Cambria Bike.  Capoforma cycling apparel and casual clothing is one of the few treasures in cycling. American owned, Italian manufactured. Its the bright orange color you need during hunting season.

Wearing orange during hunting season is a wise idea, even if you are on a bike path like the Little Miami Valley Bike Path. You ride alongside a river, but you also ride through farmland and some wooded areas. And I hear guns going off all year long, not just during hunting season.

Hunting Season is here, stay safe, wear some orange.


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