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No way to Treat a Bike

Jack Bauer is a New Zealand professional road racing cyclist who rides for UCI ProTeam Cannondale-Garmin.

Jack Bauer throws his bicycle after cycling against the wind trying to keep up with the pack when another cyclist throws away his jacket and it gets stuck in his gears. Well that ends the race for Jack so he takes his bike and throws it down a ditch.

I can understand the frustration but this is no way to treat a bike. 😉


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Thanks Rails to Trails

Last year I joined Rails to Trails because I ride regularly on the Little Miami Bike Path which is a rails to trails transformation.

Rails to Trails Bike Path

The people at Rails to Trails are creating a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors of people and places. It’s a wonderful project. Their vision is that 90 percent of Americans will live within three miles of a trail system by 2020.

Rail-trails are multi-purpose public paths created from former railroad corridors. They are most often flat or follow a gentle grade as they traverse urban, suburban and rural communities in America. Ideal for many uses, such as walking, bicycling, inline skating, cross-country skiing, and equestrian and wheelchair use, rail-trails are extremely popular for both transportation and recreation. – Source: Rails to Trails

Rails to trails exists in a large way from Railbanking. There are more than 350 rail corridors (43 states plus D.C.) have been railbanked, with more than 160 trails open partially or fully on railbanked corridors. Railbanking is a voluntary agreement between a railroad company and a trail agency, which enables the agency to use an out-of-service rail corridor as a trail until a railroad might need the corridor again for rail service.

Thanks to Railbanking and Rails to Trails many Americans have access to smooth, safe bike paths. My favorite is The Little Miami Scenic Trail in Ohio. It is 78 miles long paved with Asphalt and Concrete. One I’d like to try is Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail a 106.5-mile Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail (FKOHT) that stretchs the length of the Florida Keys, from Key Largo to Key West, (love Key west) the southernmost point of the continental United States.

Find out more:

Donate if you can, I did.

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Bike Fitting Myths and Corrections

Start by getting a bike that fits your frame. (image credit:

A total bike fit has more to do with the saddle, handlebars, brake levers and hoods, stem, shoes, cleats and pedals. In this video we primarily are concerned with bike rider adjustments rather than different equipment.

Bicycle expert John Crook from Lancaster, Ohio uses laser lights to help understand myths regarding handlebar and seat placements.

According to John the center of gravity and balance across the bike are the most important aspects in creating the optimal riding position. FYI: My 2008 Trek Road bike 2.1 was professionally fit at the time of purchase.

Get the whole story in this 9 minute video.

Tip: To get the most out of your road bike, get a proper bike fit from your bicycle shop owner. I hope this video enlightens you so you may ask better questions during your professional bike fitting.

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Cycling Can Raise PSA Levels

 Some doctors don’t consider that strenuous cycling could raise PSA levels, which is a key indicator of prostate cancer.

“Unfortunately some doctors may be unaware that cycling can spuriously raise a man`s PSA levels and so refer their patient for further and unnecessary treatment. All because their cycling produced a false positive,” said Consultant urologist Chris Eden.

“Cycling does raise PSA levels but only temporarily. So the way to distinguish whether cycling has caused a rise in levels is to refrain from getting on a bike for 48 hours and then having a second PSA test. The levels will have dropped if cycling was responsible for the rise.”

If you are a regular cyclist, you should inform your doctor, especially if he sees an increase in your PSA level. This could avert an unnecessary and possibly painful biopsy.

Source: Cycling increases warning signs of prostate cancer

PSA is present in small quantities in the serum of men with healthy prostates, but is often elevated in the presence of prostate cancer and in other prostate disorders. hile frequently used for prostate cancer screening, the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) does not recommend its use in healthy men. Prostate test screening is controversial and may lead to unnecessary, even harmful, consequences in some patients. More: Prostate testing’s dark side: Men who were harmed

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The Man from Canada Who Lived on His Bike

So this guy (Leguigz) rides through the streets of Montreal, Canada on his bike while doing all the things normal people do at home. This includes showering, shaving, cooking, business meetings, playing, sleeping, and much more.

The music is just fantastic that is really what I think. Oh, by the way, the Music is by Paul Maco.

Best of all, Leguigz dedicates this film to his dad, Yvew Blanchet. He must be a good son.

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Funny Bike Performance Video

A funny Robin Moore Productions video featuring the hit song, Performance.

The Performance song is available on your iphone or you can buy an mp3. MC SpandX

According to his resume, Robin More worked for T3 New York September 2006- February 2007 as a Freelance Video Editor.
The Wall Street Journal Brand Campaign
• Edited 10 videos for The Wall Street Journal’s “Every journey needs a Journal”
campaign website (
• Created 2- 4 minute videos of celebrity interviews, inter-cut with behind the
scenes footage of photo shoots with the photographer (

It is good to see people enjoying bikes. People who bike regularly are healthier, happier and funnier. Thanks Robin Thomas Moore for the Funny Video.


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My Review of Trek 2.1Road Bike

Trenton to Middletown Bike Path 005

35 YR Upgrade from 1974 Schwin Continential

By John Beagle from Cincinnati on 8/14/2008

Note: I had to use a flickr photo of my bike because the bike that Trek allowed me to review and blog, has been replaced with a new model too ugly to display. Glad I got last years model.

5out of 5

Pros: Great Components, Good Geometry, Absorbs Shock Well, Lightweight, Handles Well, Comfortable


Describe Yourself: Weekend Warrior

35 years ago, I bought my first ‘road bike’ a Schwinn Continental. It was called a lightweight, but compared to my 2.1 it weighed a ton. I used this same bike for 35 years. I’m 51 today.

This new bike is so much fun, that I have added regular biking to my weekly exercise routine.

The first time I took the bike out, I knocked out 20 miles so fast, I felt I needed a longer ride. Now I generally ride 30 to 35 miles which takes me about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Almost no one passes me. With average speed at 16.3 MPH and burst speed up to 25 MPH, my bike stays up with even the ‘hot rod’ bikers I see out in colorful clothed groups.

The 2.1 is the best choice if you want to ride paved bike paths and save a little money.


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