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1.9 Miles of New Bike Path in Middletown, Ohio

The Middletown Bike path is part of the Great Miami Recreational Trails (GMRRT) which connects to trails in Montgomery and Miami Counties. Here is a section of the new bike path extension:
Ok, this video is incredibly boring, but it is a significant bike path event in Middletown, Ohio.

Middletown Mayor thanked everyone for coming and acknowledged the council members who were there including Vice  Mayor Jim Armuruster, Anita Scott Jones, Josh Laubach, and AJ smith. Mayor Mulligan said, “This section we are  dedicating today is Section 3,  1.9 miles long and begins at the current termination point, St. Rt. 4 and Carmody  boulevard.”  This section cost approximately $433,000.

Vice Mayor Jim Armbruster said, “Certain people I want to thank for making this possible of course is the Ohio  Department of Natural Resources, Middletown Community Foundation, Arthur Harvey Foundation and the Barnitz Fund,
Miami Conservatory District…”

The Middletown bike path now is 6.8 miles from Carmody (ST RT 4) to Trenton, St RT 73 just east of the Great Miami  River bridge.

The next 2.1 mile section going north will stop at the Franklin city limits. This future portion will be funded by Energy  efficiency and conservation block grant (EECBG) funds* in the amount of nearly $500,000.



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