Winter Little Miami Bike Path

March 10th: the last of the snow was still on the Little Miami Bike Path about 2 to 3 miles south of Loveland. I tried to navigate in the snow but my skinny tires gave little traction on the slippery snow causing me to lose it on two separate occasions. Good thing I had my bike pants on with the padded hips. lol

See my complete Little Miami Valley Bike Path slide show and video.



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2 responses to “Winter Little Miami Bike Path

  1. Ryan

    I was sitting here watching your latest video and was surprised at the part where you’re at the old Peters Cartridge Co. When you panned around at the parking lot, that tan Ford pulling into the lot was me with my children! We were going on a hike there that day. Glad the kids and I took the north side because there wasn’t that much snow on the north side of Peters Cage Co.

  2. Hey Ryan, I’m down there allot, hope to see you again. Wonderful place to be on a bike or just out for a hike. Thanks for the comment.

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